Successful strategies for presenting in the virtual environment

Helping Experts & Leaders Share Knowledge in the Virtual Room. Subject matter experts and leaders are frequently asked to share their knowledge or to assist delivering virtual workshops. In an evoke virtual survey, 76% of presenters in the virtual room said they had difficulty getting people engaged or getting feedback from participants. Engaging in the virtual room is very different from face-to-face. Without a set of best practices, the risk is clear — lack of engagement, leads to lack of adoption. You need to help your experts be successful in the virtual environment.

This recorded session of the Virtual Confidence program is designed to provide an introduction to best practices for virtual delivery. This two hour session will provide participants with the opportunities to:

  1. Gain confidence in delivering in the virtual classroom
  2. Develop strategies to leverage a facilitator’s guide and make it their own
  3. Discover key delivery skills for capturing attention and creating a conversational style
  4. See methods unique to virtual for engaging attendees and keeping their attention

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evoke master Instructors
evoke master Instructors

About the instructor

All instructors that lead evoke virtual workshops are certified virtual master instructors that have delivered a multitude of virtual sessions and have certified hundreds of virtual instructors. Our instructors model all of the virtual delivery best practices and pull the curtain back to show participants how they create engagement.

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