Virtual Presentations that DELIVER: Communicator Edition

Learn to Deliver Persuasive Virtual Presentations

Present fearlessly in the virtual environment

No matter what your role is in your organization, you are going to have to present information in a virtual environment at some point.  A face-to-face presentation gives you the comfort of audience feedback, visible connections, and body language.  Engaging in the virtual room is very different from face-to-face. An evoke virtual survey revealed that 76% of presenters in the virtual room said they had difficulty getting people engaged or getting feedback from participants.

Without a set of best practices, the risk is clear — lack of engagement, leads to lack of adoption. You need to gain the critical skills needed to be successful in the virtual environment.

Virtual Presentations that DELIVER™ provides an in-depth look at best practices for presenting virtually.  Attendees will gain access to tested tools and methods that will elevate even the most seasoned in-person or virtual presenter to a new level. These best practices apply no matter what virtual environment you use.

The Communicator Edition provides the foundational skills and behaviors for becoming a great virtual presenter.

Communicator level

At the Communicator level, you will learn how to apply key best practices by watching evoke virtual master instructors demonstrate the skills and behaviors in each lesson with actual attendees. Activities are provided for each lesson to deepen attendees understanding of how to apply these skills and behaviors.

Attendees taking the Communicator level will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain confidence delivering presentations in any virtual environment
  • Increase interaction and engagement with the virtual audience
  • Apply simple, effective models to effectively generate engagement
  • Adapt the most important presentation delivery skills into the virtual room

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evoke master Instructors
evoke master Instructors

About the instructor

All instructors that lead evoke virtual workshops are certified virtual master instructors that have delivered a multitude of virtual sessions and have certified hundreds of virtual instructors. Our instructors model all of the virtual delivery best practices and pull the curtain back to show participants how they create engagement.

What's included?

10 Videos
6 Quizzes
1 Survey
3 Multimedia
3 PDFs

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