Virtual Presentations that DELIVER: Instructor Certificate Edition

Achieving excellence in the virtual learning environment

Learn the skills for success with virtual instructor-led training. Virtual Instructor Edition, provides face-to-face instructors with the skills needed to meet the challenges of learning transfer in the virtual world. During this program, you will be provided with opportunities to practice and receive feedback on the skills and behaviors required to thrive in the virtual classroom.

Our certificate workshop series is an 9-hour program comprised of 7.5-hours of asynchronous learning with inter-session activities and 1.5-hours of synchronous coaching. The 9 hours include:

  • Nine Lessons in three modules
  • Two**60 minute Intersession Assignments **(estimated time to complete)
  • 30-minute - Delivery lab with an assessment
  • 60-minute final teaching assessment (Practicum)
evoke master Instructors
evoke master Instructors

About the instructor

All instructors that lead evoke virtual workshops are certified virtual master instructors that have delivered a multitude of virtual sessions and have certified hundreds of virtual instructors. Our instructors model all of the virtual delivery best practices and pull the curtain back to show participants how they create engagement.

What's included?

14 Videos
10 Quizzes

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the Presentations that DELIVER: Instructor Certificate Edition

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