76% of virtual presenters told us that they have difficulty getting people engaged or getting feedback from participants. It is both the subtle and the not so subtle things that make a virtual presenter successful.

While there are many specific behaviors and activities that virtual presenters must demonstrate to create worthwhile engagement for attendees, we’ve chosen three as critical for SMEs.

1. Creating rock solid virtual connections
2. Compelling your audience to listen
3. Making the virtual environment work for you

Webinar Length: One Hour

About the instructor

Master Instructors

Laura Pierce & Vernon Roberts

Laura and Vernon are both master instructors and co-founded evoke virtual in 2010 with a focus on making leading, learning and collaborating in the virtual environment better for their clients.Laura Pierce is a seasoned facilitator, master instructor, and instructional designer. Her focus is helping clients meet the demands of communicating in both the face-to-face and virtual environments. With over 20 years experience in marketing and sales, Laura can provide insights and practical solutions for clients making the transition from the in person to the virtual classroom. As a managing partner and co-founder of evoke virtual,Vernon Roberts is an author, master instructor, coach and speaker. After working 20 years in the banking and finance industry, Vernon founded evoke virtual to help address the challenges that clients experience managing and training a dispersed global workforce. In the face-to-face and virtual classrooms, Vernon creates a positive learning environment and provides masterful coaching that allows participants to achieve rapid and permanent growth in their skills as leaders, managers, communicators, and presenters.

Course Curriculum

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    Webinar and Materials

    • Webinar Recording: Virtual Presentation Strategies for Subject Matter Experts

    • 10-Step Virtual Presentation Checklist - evoke virtual

    • Whitepaper: Virtual Presentation Strategies for SMEs

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